When it comes to Wedding Day makeup, it is always important to test out different beauty looks, techniques, and, of course, find the right makeup artist!

Consider a Dry Run

On your wedding day, you want to look like the best version of yourself without too much makeup or too little… We all have different skin tones, complexions, eye color etc… What looks good for someone else will not necessarily look good or be comfortable for you. You want your skin to look perfect, your face to be appropriately contoured, while keeping an emphasis on your eyes.  Consider a dry-run with your artist to make sure your actual wedding day makeup will come out exactly as you planned!

After all, good Wedding Day make-up equals great wedding pictures!

As wedding photographers, we have an opportunity to work with a lot of professionals in the wedding industry. Today we want to highlight the work of Nancy (Makeup by Nancy).

We have worked with Nancy multiple times. Not only does Nancy know her craft, but she is also a very caring person. Wedding preparation can be very stressful, and if one little thing goes wrong with your makeup, everything gets delayed. Nancy is excellent at creating a non-stressful, calm environment for the brides. She truly talented and experienced at her craft.

I also personally love watching her tutorials and updates on different makeup products and trends. Check out her Facebook page!  If you have not found your make-up artist, consider giving Nancy a call!