I have been looking forward to writing about wedding portraits for men for a while. When couples come to us for the first time, the brides usually come prepared with an extensive list of inquisitive questions and are quick to explain their vision for the big day, as well as their personal touches that make it special. On the other hand, men can often seem reluctant and are, quite frankly, exhausted by the time it comes to talking about photography, as they have already put in effort for the venue, menu, guest list, color scheme, and other matters such as deciding whether to do a First Look or Aisle Reveal. Gentlemen, now is the time to muster whatever strength you have left and make decisions that are beneficial to you (let’s keep this a secret, though!). It is essential to understand the effects of your choices on photography. First and foremost, although you might not enjoy getting your picture taken, it doesn’t have to be so awkward. Casual shots with your friends can actually be enjoyable! Two photographers are an essential component, as one can focus solely on you and capture the day. Make sure to ‘click’ with the photographers that will be following you throughout the day. When it comes to shooting men on their wedding day, my strategy is to get the job done as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. This is why my wife Lana and I make an excellent team – she loves taking pictures of the bride, whereas I relish spending time with the groom. We have worked with grooms from all walks of life, from scientists and police officers to financial advisors, professional bowlers, mechanics, and photographers! To get your creative juices flowing for your wedding portraits, here are six ideas. Just bear in mind that it doesn’t take guys long to get dressed, so there should be plenty of time for us to capture some great photographs of you and your mates.


Groom with Father

Whether it’s your father or the role model in your life, capturing this shot is must have!  This could also be a friend or family member.  Who is the most important role model in your life?

Wedding Portraits for Men


I will admit that Richard here, who is a personal friend of mine, had a strong sense of what was important to him on his wedding day.  We spent some time planning the day, which is quite important for the groom as well. 

Not every groom will know exactly what they want; and that is pretty common.  Just knowing what & who is important to you is a tremendous head-start for any photographer!  Detail shots are used for your wedding album & remember what’s important.  When a watch is handed down to a son, a photo like this shows the value of that gift.


The Groomsmen

While formal shots are great, capturing a unique photograph of the groomsmen can be something special.  Whether its in front of a bar, fishing, by your car… get creative and discuss option with your photographer on how you can add a personal touch here and “make it your own”! 

Wedding Portraits for Men

Casuals Shots

The fancy name is “photo journalistic style”.  It really means we take it without you looking.

Capturing casual shots is mixture of experience and effort.  First, preparation is key because the photographers need to know who is important to you.  We learn this in the pre-work and also talking to you throughout the day.  Being present also helps, capturing great casual shots is all about being prepared with your finger on the button.


Cigar Shots

Cigar shots can be tricky to capture.  Once you capture a slick cigar shot of a father or groomsmen, men are waiting in line to get their photograph taken!  This is also a team event, which can be challenging at the end of the night.  In this shot, the groomsmen are standing along the side blowing smoke behind the subject.


Men being Men

The name really says it all here.  I won’t get into the details of this group of troublesome men.  I would like to thank Richard and Rachel.  Most of the photos in this Wedding Portraits for Men blog came from their amazing wedding at the Barn at the Pemi last September.  We had so many great photos, but that’s for another blog coming soon!  


Men being Boys

Again, the name really says it all here.  I should have requested hazard pay before climbing up the 12 foot ladder to capture this great sequence!  The guys were great and we actually caught this on the first take!