Congratulations to Kristen and Marko who tied the knot at one of our favorite venues in Massachusetts, Hammond Castle!  Read on to learn more about this amazing couple and their wedding venue, our favorite Hammond Castle.

Hammond Castle Wedding Venue

Adventurous couples that are considering a unique and historic venue for their wedding should take a look at Hammond Castle.  There are plenty of castles in New England for weddings, the big difference is Hammond is actually a real castle!  Take some time to get to know Hammond Castle and its rich history.  If you choose to visit the castle to learn more about their weddings, consider taking a guided tour!

Hammond Castle is not the easiest venue for photographers, there are lots of lighting changes, high ceilings, and the nighttime castle lighting.  But this is also what makes the castle so enticing and experienced photographers will know how to handle these details and create some amazing portraits for your wedding.  If you are planning a wedding at Hammond Castle here are some of our favorite locations…

          • Family Portraits are best in front of the office with the drawbridge in the background.  We prefer this location because there is no direct sunlight (squinty eyes) however it is still well lit and you capture the castle in the background.  It is also a centrally located and easy for family members to shuffle in and out of the portraits.
          • First Look, the Drawbridge.  This a great area for wedding portraits as well.  It is also spacious enough where two photographers can work the angles.
          • Wedding Portraits are easy!  Any location on the property is just fantastic depending on the time of day and season.  We love the inside pool area too, try and capture a reflection shot in the water!

The Newlyweds

Marko and Kristen are just a great couple!  It was clear after working with both of them on their wedding day, they are surrounded by a strong group of friends and family.  Marko and Kristen also prioritized photographs through their day.  Nothing is more pleasing to  photographers than a couple that is excited and willing to make time for photographs.  Another aspect of their wedding day that made it so amazing was their decision to have a First Look.  Everybody knows that we are big fans of the First Look because it decompresses the schedule.  It doesn’t take luck to have a perfect wedding day & this couple made all the right decisions to accomplish that goal!  Here’s a quote from Kristen after the wedding…

Lana and Jack at New England Weddings were absolutely amazing! From the moment I reached out to them to inquire about his services, I could tell they were extremely professional and detail oriented. Lana was very responsive and answered all my questions very promptly. I had to postpone my wedding twice due to COVID and they were so accommodating, and we were able to reschedule with ease. We could not have picked better photographers for our wedding. Our wedding was at Hammond Castle in Gloucester which has a unique set up and some beautiful scenery for photos. Lana and Jack knew exactly where to get the best photos and were so professional. I didn’t realize how quickly the time would fly during my wedding and Lana and Jack helped us stay on time and move things forward. It was seriously a blur and I just remember Lana and Jack hustling around to get everyone where they needed to be, and all the shots we wanted. I don’t know what I would have done without them! I am not photogenic at all, and really don’t like photos of myself. Lana was so kind in giving me direction on how to pose/where to look etc and I felt really comfortable. I’m so grateful for her kindness and professionalism that resulted in amazing photos. One of the most memorable things for me when working with them was how accommodating Lana was when I went into detail about the type of lighting I wanted for my photos, and they nailed it. I had my ceremony indoors and the lighting style was really important to me. I wanted warm lighting, rather than a more crisp, cold look. I sent Lana photos of what I wanted (and didn’t want) and she called me and spoke about our options in detail. She didn’t make me feel silly for the detailed request at all. She explained all the different options with different camera lenses/flash v. no flash etc. She told me the best way to achieve the look I wanted was with many candles for the warm lighting. I ended up buying a bunch of candles in bulk and it was worth every penny. The photos came out GORGEOUS, absolutely stunning and exactly what I wanted. Lana and Jack also spent time setting up a shot in front of the castle at night that is one of the most amazing photos I’ve seen! I could not believe how beautiful it came out and I recognize the skill and time it takes to set up a shot like that. As most people say, the wedding really went by in a flash. When I got my photos back from Lana and Jack, it was like reliving the day. I didn’t realize how important your wedding photographer is until after working with Lana and Jack and receiving our photos. Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and Lana and Jack captured it perfectly. Thank you Lana and Jack!!

Here are a few of our favorites from their special day!  Kristen & Marko… thank you for sharing your special day with us!

The Venue

Hammond Castle in Gloucester MA hosted the ceremony and reception.

The DJ

The music was provided by Mike Degagne from Mass Bay DJ Entertainment

The Cake

The beautiful Wedding Cake was proudly made by Inga McCarthy from Cake Ann

The Flowers

The flowers were provided by Audry’s Flower Shop