I remember as a child flipping the pages of my parents wedding album.  It was fascinating to see them so young, standing there with all my family members who also looked oddly different!  To this day, I remember all of the pages in that album.  My favorite photo was of my dad “dipping” my mom and giving her a kiss.  My parents were not rich people, but every married couple had a wedding album.  Every time I saw my parents kiss, it reminded me of that photo!

Some would argue that photography was different back then.  Photographers sold wedding packages.  Couples would buy an album, order prints for the friends and family, while the negatives would sit in a cardboard box somewhere in the photographer’s basement until they were no longer useful.  Today, clients want the digital files.  Who wouldn’t?!?  Digital files are great to have and last forever.  Why get an expensive album when you have all the digital files?

I would argue that couples today get less value compared to my parents.  Here’s how the story goes… Couples get the digital images and print a few, maybe 5 or 10, and hang them on the walls.  Time passes, and you re-decorate and a few frames come down.  Photos of your children replace your wedding portraits.  You move to a new house and the photos disappear into storage.  That USB stick with your beloved wedding photos becomes that cardboard box.

A Wedding Album becomes a family heirloom for your children and generations to come.  Couples spend so much money on a marriage.  If you’re reading this, you probably agree!  A wedding album is a durable good, it is the only investment that lasts through the years. In fact, it becomes more valuable as time passes.  It’s also the #1 biggest regret when its overlooked.

Wedding albums are very expensive; because they are worth every penny!  Wedding Albums are a Storybook of Your Day!  Some brides choice the DIY path, but don’t understand the challenges.  Handmade albums, created by designers & photographers, on heavy archival paper that lasts a hundred years, is not something that’s easily assembled without experience.  When planning your wedding, do yourself a favor and consider skipping that Ice Sculpture or the Rolls Royce for an Album.

Photographs are meant to be experienced.  A wedding album captures that experience, your story, for generations to come.

“95% of couples that don’t get a Wedding Album within three months of their Wedding, never will.”
“The top five items men look for in their homes are clean socks, remote control, wedding album, car keys and driver’s license.” —IKEA