Lauren & Dan were married this past October at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Every bride wants to add their special, unique touch to their wedding day, and this couple certainly did a great job!

Their day started with a First Look at North Point Park overlooking the Boston skyline.  From there, the wedding day just got better & better!  An outside ceremony at the Multicultural Arts Center was breathe taking, surrounded with beautiful architecture.

Everything about this event focused on this couples passionate towards sustainability.  Almost everything could be re-used, re-purposed or recycled!  Here’s a great quote from Land Escapes Design, which provided most of the decor for the event.

“Here Comes The Bride” Our Forward Thinking, Eco-Minded Bride wanted a sustainable bouquet. Wooden flowers, Air plants & Succulents. We used cropped succulents throughout the wedding leaving enough of the stem and root stock so they can easily be regrown. Thank you Lauren & Dan for such a wonderful opportunity to create such a unique bouquet.
— Land Escapes Design Inc.

Inside the venue, the tables were decorated with a tasteful & meaningful collection of family heirlooms and unique antiques.  This was such a fantastic idea and had the guests talking and chatting about the history of their heirlooms!  What a great idea to truly make your reception “your own”.  Here are some of the centerpieces along with a brief description provided by the bride….

Table 1

This Peacock Statue belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandparents. It sat in their home entryway in Virginia, greeting guests for over 30 years.

Table 2

The Typewriter belonged to Lauren’s late Uncle’s parents

Table 3

A Painted Vase that was a wedding present to Dan’s great, great grandmother, given in February of 1906.

Table 4

White and Gold Teapot that belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandmother.

Table 5

A collection of Wooden Plane & Tools that belonged to Dan’s great grandfather that he used for carving wood.

Table 6

Jewelry Box that belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandmother. We think she may have gotten it from Russia (where her family is from).

Table 7

Sewing Machine found inside an amazing antique store located up in New Hampshire.

Table 8

Old School Projector that was borrowed from a friend who in the antique business.

Table 9

Wine Bucket that belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandparents.

Table 10

Camera that belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandfather, used for taking pictures on all their family vacations. (We love this one!)

Table 11

Copper Pot that belonged to Lauren’s paternal great, great grandmother

Table 12

A Brass Tea Kettle that belongs to Lauren’s parents

Table 13

A Gold Vase that belonged to Lauren’s maternal grandparents. Origin unknown, but dated 1901.