Sam an Brian’s Bedford Village Inn Wedding was just amazing!  All of our Brides & Grooms are amazing people that we connect with very well. It is amazing how every couple has some unique story, special talent, fascinating history… just something that makes them unique. Every coupe we meet has a great story that the world is waiting to hear. That’s what makes our job the best, we get to meet all of these people an learn their special story.
We really connected with Samantha and Brian on multiple levels. These newlyweds have a great future together and we are so glad that we shared in their Wedding Day! Lana and I have a very similar story; and we are so glad to have become friends with them!

Make it Yours

Samantha & Brian certainly tailored their wedding day with meaningful events. They met at Merrimack College and conducted their ceremony at the Chapel on the campus grounds. The reception was held at Bedford Village Inn. If you’re not familiar with this venue and considering a quaint New Hampshire reception you’d be wise to take a look at this venue.

The Bedford Village Inn Wedding

The Bedford Village Inn offers so many options for couples with beautiful landscaping every season of the year. This is really a year-round venue. Their attention to detail is “above & beyond” most of the other wedding venues in the area. Even in November, we managed to sneak outside with the newlyweds and capture some night shots in front of the venue. (Flip to the last page of their album for the night shots!)

Samantha & Brian’s Wedding Album

Carrying the “Make it Yours” mantra further, we worked with Samantha and Brian to create an incredible album that is truly theirs alone. A gray album box with raised print holds the crystal cover album. We were just so excited to hand it over them today!
Lots of photographers today offer “digital” packages without an album. Most photographers do this to offer competitively priced packages. We are not most photographers and feel that every couple should have a wedding album. When couples open their album for the first time, they realize what’s in their hands… their very own special story.

Congratulations Samantha & Brian!