Capturing really interesting photographs for people is crazy good fun!  There are so many different techniques and tools photographers can apply to really make a photograph interesting. 
Last year we focused a lot on night shots.  Creative or moody lighting is always fun to explore.  Some of our favorites were at castles and on the beach.  We started playing around with uplights too.  These powerful lights allow us to change the background color of a wall or light up a tree.  Really, how much fun is that?!?  Recently, we have been exploring composite photography.  Composite photography is simply combining multiple pictures into one.

Composite Style

Now before we get started, this style of photography is probably not your list of questions to ask your wedding photographer.  If you really like natural photographs, well this may not be your style.  Creating a composite photograph involves taking multiple photographs at the wedding or event.  Then the photos are “merged” together in the post-processing step.  There are lots of ways to merge and combine them, so it’s a creative activity.  You really don’t know what your final product will be until it’s complete!

Wayne & Cherise’s Wedding

Last weekend we did a wedding for Wayne & Cherise at the Saphire Estate in Sharon, Massachusetts.  This was our first time at this venue and it has a great layout.  It was raining most of the day (that’s good luck, you know!). so we concentrated on indoor shots.  Saphire Estate has a beautiful connected building that’s used for the cocktail hour.  Inside there’s a large fireplace and long bar with hanging lights in the back.  The groomsmen were hanging out in there & we had some free time after finishing their photographs.  It was a good time to a composite photograph!

Behind the Scenes

Wayne & the all of his groomsmen were very easy to work with; which is important when photographers try to get a little creative!  I explained the concept quickly and the gents were great to work with!  I’m sure they were a little confused at the time, but the end result really captures the “Roarin 20s” theme of their wedding!  Check out the slider below to see a behind the scenes view of how we captured this great, classic photograph!

Saphire Estate Groomsmen Bar