When planning a winter wedding in New Hampshire, couples often expect to be able to have stunning photos of their special day surrounded by snow. However, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, couples must rely on the creativity of their photographer to produce unique images. That’s exactly what happened when the bride and groom celebrated their winter wedding at The Colonel Shepard House in New Hampshire. With the help of an experienced photographer, they were able to capture beautiful and unique images both inside and outside of the antique building.

Historic Building

The Colonel Shepard House is an exceptionally unique venue location for winter weddings in New Hampshire. This historical building boasts many original features, such as its antique building, glass windows, and old barn. It also has many beautiful decorations, making it a romantic and enchanting setting. The antique building adds a special touch of elegance to any winter wedding. The rustic charm of this building creates a perfect backdrop for capturing unique images on your big day. The glass windows allow natural light to flood the area, creating gorgeous reflections of the bride and groom in the photos. And the old barn can be used to add a vintage flair to the wedding photos. With its antique building and rustic charm, The Colonel Shepard House is an ideal location for a winter wedding without snow.

Beautiful Decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations, The Colonel Shepard House was the perfect unique venue location for this winter wedding. There were many eye-catching and unique decorations all around the property. The couple had decorated the entire place to create a beautiful atmosphere and make their guests feel welcome. They had hung colorful lights around the grounds, draped white fabric over doorways, placed candles and floral arrangements in various areas, and created stunning table settings. The reception area was especially beautiful, with golden accents and chandeliers creating a magical atmosphere. With such gorgeous decorations, the wedding was truly a once in a lifetime experience for all involved.

Elegant Glass Windows

The Colonel Shepard House offers a truly unique venue location with its classic glass windows. This beautiful setting offers a stunning backdrop for winter wedding photography. The photographer can capture the gorgeous winter light through the glass windows, creating unique and beautiful images that are perfect for a special day. The unique architecture of the house, with its glass windows, allows for a variety of creative shots that will ensure your wedding photos stand out from the rest. The warm glow of the fireplaces combined with the sunlight streaming in through the windows creates a romantic and inviting atmosphere for your wedding day. It’s an ideal setting for capturing the special moments of your big day, and one that you won’t soon forget.


Adding a fireplace to a winter wedding can be a unique and beautiful touch. At The Colonel Shepard House, couples have the option of including a beautiful antique stone fireplace as part of their decor. The unique venue location allows for plenty of stunning photo opportunities around the fireplace, such as first looks or intimate couples shots. This backdrop is perfect for creating timeless photographs that will be cherished by the couple for years to come. For winter weddings, a cozy atmosphere is created by the warmth of the fire, making it a great place to relax and get creative with photos.

Catching Sunset

The Colonel Shepard House provides a truly unique venue location to capture the breathtaking beauty of a New Hampshire sunset. During the winter months, the lack of snow may create an even more stunning effect, as the bright hues of the sky reflect off of the glass windows and ancient brickwork of this gorgeous estate. As the couple steps out onto the lawn for the perfect ending to their special day, the photographer is able to snap amazing pictures of them illuminated by the last rays of sunlight in this extraordinary setting. With its antique building, beautiful decorations, and old barn, the Colonel Shepard House creates a timeless backdrop for capturing one of the most unique winter weddings.