Twins join the New England Wedding Team!

Thank you to my beautiful wife, partner & best friend for giving us the two most beautiful babies! Kyle and Brady are identical twins born on February 23rd at CMC in Manchester New Hampshire. These will be two very well photographed children I can assure you!

Mom and the babies are doing well. We are all settling into the realities of sleepless nights & a less-than-spotless house. But these are the little inconveniences that come with such a precious gift! Thanks to all of our close family and friends for all the wishes and support too! Here are a few shots of the new trouble-makers. This was Lana the day before delivery!

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Common Man Inn Wedding, Introducing The Fosters!

It seems like every winter, we have another amazing wedding at the Common Man Inn Wedding in Plymouth!   They have a great team there with Kali Foley as the event manager handling all of the details! The Common Man Inn offers plenty of options for great photos.  A classic New England lodge, including the stone fireplace, wood construction throughout, beautiful raised wood dance floors, almost every photo is an instant classic.

Gina and Mike tied the knot yesterday and took full advantage of all the amenities!  We met Gina and Mike through a friend’s referral, which we love because its such a great compliment to be recommended in this manner!  Gina and Mike are a very easy-going couple… but as we learned last night they certainly know how to have some fun!  There were a few things that really stood out from my perspective.  First, how close Gina and Mike are with their friends.  Mike’s friend gave a tribute during the toasts and all of their friends were just very emotional through the ceremony.  Also, their family… the parent dances were very touching.  It was clear that Gina and Mike have a great supporting cast of family & friends to start their lives together! 

Mike and Gina also had our photo booth their for a few hours.  The Sleek Booth was definitely a hit!  I haven’t looked at the photos yet (because quite honestly I am a little afraid).  Mike and Gina, I think you will have a solid amount of blackmail material on all of your loved ones for years to come with these photos!!!  Seriously though, we are certainly glad you and all of your guests enjoyed the photo booth so much!

I’d also like to thank Mary Hebert who stepped in for Lana on this shoot!  It’s always great to work with Mary and her style and approach to photography is very consistent with ours.

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Here’s an Idea, Publish your Wedding!

Now that your wedding is over and you’re in the happily ever after phase, why not publish your wedding! You’ll be surprised how easy the process is to get started. What a better way to see your beautiful photos highlighted in a magazine or popular website! Oh yes, it is great for all of your vendors and venue too!  Don’t think magazines will be interested in your wedding? You would be surprised. Magazines look for a wide variety of weddings. Maybe they’re interested in a particular area or venue. They could be doing a special on rainy weddings, or backyard affairs. You just can’t predict what they’re interested in or what will catch their eye!

Remember all of those magazines with earmarked pages?  Now it is your turn to inspire future brides with your creative ideas! Lauren Conley and Scott Blessington were published last year in NH Bride.  Ben and Katie were published on WeddingWire as a monthly highlight.  Check them out!

The process to publish your wedding is simple. So here we go…

  • First, double check your gallery link. We changed them over the winter — don’t worry your pictures are safe! The magazine will ultimately ask to see all of your pictures, so make sure your gallery is public or we can share a password with them.
  • Choose where you’d like to submit your wedding. There are a few links at the bottom. Its a simple online form to get started!
  • Select photographs that would interest a magazine. While all of your photos are amazing (we understand), chose photographs with nice landscapes or that clearly show a venue. We have done a few really great shots on boats, gazebos, cliffs, beaches and even bridges!  If you need some help, let me and Lana know and we’ll pick some out for you!
  • Be patient!  Sometimes magazines will take months to get back to brides and grooms.  

Boston Weddings 
NH Bride Magazine 
NH Wedding Magazine 
Southern New England Weddings

Almost every bridal magazine offers a submission form for real weddings.  So don’t be bashful!  Remember all of those magazines with earmarked pages?  Now it is your turn to inspire future brides with your creative ideas!

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Our Amazing 2016 Brides & Grooms

Thank you to all of our clients & friends in 2016! We love photography because of all the great people we meet and celebrate along side of them during the best day of their life!

Mickey & Becca’s Romantic Keene Wedding

Mickey and Becca’s Keene Wedding was an amazing day with two great locations!  First, we’d like to thank Becca’s parents who were involved in the whole process.   They helped create a very special day for their daughter’s wedding.  Tricia, the mother of the bride, worked on every detail with Becca throughout the whole process.  Stacy, the father of the bride, is a wedding photographer and managed to put the camera away and enjoy the day.  We have talked about wedding photographers before, we are fussy bunch of people and its hard to attend a wedding without scrutinizing the photographer (hey, we do it too!)  Stacy was great to work with and managed to capture some great photos along the way of the newlyweds.  Plus, Stacy shoots with Nikon so he’s okay in our book!

Their  Keene Wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful home on Spofford Lake in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.  This home was really amazing!  The views in the backyard overlooking the lake were spectacular and created a beautiful backdrop for the wedding alter!  We captured some great shots and completed all of the formal pictures after the ceremony with the beautiful scenery at the lake house.

The Reception

Their reception was held at Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, NH. Its a short drive from the lake house to the quaint building located in Keene.  We had our photo booth (Sleek Booth) at the reception as well, and it was a total blast!  If you’re on the fence about a photo booth for your reception, I wish you could have been at this party!

Once again, congratulations to Mickey & Becca on your beautiful Keene Wedding!  You are both special people and have great families & parents in your lives.  It was our pleasure to photograph your wedding and reception!

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Tushar and Marina’s Wedding at Lombardo’s

Tushar and Marina’s day started in Boston at the Seaport Hotel for preparation and their First Look.  Let me tell you, it was a cold morning!  Thankfully, it warmed up as the day progressed & they had an amazing First Look across the street at the World Trade Center.  Everybody knows that we are huge fans of the First Look, and it was a great experience for Tushar and Marina as well.  The morning was filled with lots of running around and last minute preparations, the First Look just calms everything down, you remember why you’re here, and the day feels more relaxed from then on.

From there, the party moved to Lombardo’s.  Tushar’s father from India informed me this venue has the largest chandelier in the Boston area.   I really don’t know how he discovered that, but it became clear when we saw the chandelier from outside the venue he was right!  It is truly spectacular!  Marina’s mom as handmade a “Winter Wonderland” for the ceremony that felt like a movie set!

For the record, Tushar was a friend of mine that I met at a prior job.  He is a wicked good golfer (relatively speaking of course).  It was nice to spend the day with friends and help them capture such an amazing wedding day from beginning to end!  Also a big thanks to Mary Hebert who helped out on this shoot while Lana is off her feet.  We have used Mary in the past for our portraits.  Some of these great photos came from her talented eye!  Enjoy this preview of their amazing day…

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”45″ sortorder=”689,708,690,691,707,692,693,694,695,696,697,698,699,700,701,702,704,703,705,706″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_masonry” size=”180″ padding=”10″ ngg_triggers_display=”always” captions_enabled=”0″ captions_display_sharing=”1″ captions_display_title=”1″ captions_display_description=”1″ captions_animation=”slideup” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Warren Inn Wedding for Corey & Alison

Congratulations to Corey and Alison, now The Hansons, who shared their vows last Sunday.  You know how much we love First Looks, and here is another great example!  Corey and Alison did their First Look at a friends home in Reading, Ma… it was really a gorgeous location with stone brick walls, beautiful gardens and a house with really interesting architectural details.

After the First Look, the couple had a church wedding in Reading, then headed over to the Warren Conference Center and Inn for their reception.  It was about a 45 minute drive.  There were some delays due to an accident, but no worries because these guys did a First Look and a large majority of their photos were done already!

This couple can do it all, they had a live band playing and joined into the second song with their saxophones!  As always, the Warren Conference Center is a great location for a reception and the team their is fantastic!  Congratulations again to Corey and Alison!  Here’s a preview of your wedding photographs with some of the most memorable moments…

Jen & Mandy’s Wedding at the Cape

Hey, if you’re getting married, why not do it on the beach?  The Mayflower beach area on the Cape is a great choice.  The day began at the beach house where Jen & Mandy did their First Look.  Everybody knows we love First Looks and talk about the benefits all the time, but a First Look on the Beach is truly a cool experience!

After the First Look, we headed over to the Mayflower Beach area for the ceremony and some shots beforehand.  The ceremony was amazing!  Beach weddings have such a casual & relaxed feel and everybody just settled in and enjoyed the moment.

The reception was held at the local YMCA Camp.  This camp really had it all — a giant gazebo for cocktail hour, a large tented area for the reception & guests could stay right onsite in cabin.  Jen and Mandy were gracious enough to provide us a cabin!

We met this great couple when we photographed Jen’s sister’s wedding last year.  It’s a great feeling when family members see your work and call you back; what a great vote of confidence!  We had Jen and Mandy over to the house a few months ago to review the wedding day.  Well, we opened some of our favorite local wine and began to discuss all of the little details and offer suggestions.

Mandy and Jen sneaked this incredible gift basket into our room that contained two beautiful wine glasses (with little camera charms on them!) and two bottles of wine from our favorite vineyard, Flag Hill Winery!  The basket was bountifully loaded with baked delights and other essentials.  This was such a thoughtfully selected basket, Lana and I both had big smiles digging into it!!

Thank you so much Jen and Mandy, your Wedding at the Cape was amazing!

Chrissey & Bill Tie the Knot at Dell-Lea in Chichester

Bill and Chrissey are two of the most fun-loving people we had the pleasure to work with this year!  Chrissey has a bubbly personality… even more so when she’s around Bill.  Then she has a permanent case of the giggles!  When we first met Bill, he had us totally fooled with his serious demeanor.  I have ~never~ seen a couple joke around and have so much fun together; even during their wedding ceremony!  We had a hard time staying focused on the pictures!

They tied the knot at Dell-Lea in Chichester NH.  This was our first time shooting this venue and it was truly spectacular! Toutou and Dave are the owners and manage every event down to the finest detail.  Take a look at some of the amazing photographs of this great couple at a truly breathe-taking venue…

Engagement Photos in Boston Gardens & Seaport

Mia and Jared are two of our clients that enjoy the city of Boston.  We decided to do their Engagement photo session in the Boston Public Gardens.  For those of who have never been to the Boston Gardens on a Saturday afternoon, well you won’t be there alone!  It is a busy place.  In addition to all of the people, there were probably three wedding parties there for photo shoots!  We captured some great pictures of Mia and Jared — you really can’t go wrong with the Public Gardens for pictures!

Jared and Mia both work in Boston’s theatre district.  Jared really knows the city well and suggested the Boston Seaport District for some additional photographs.  So we headed over through the busy city and we followed Jared in our car.  Now, Jared’s city driving skills are impressive.  He knows the area like the back of his hand and he led us to a great location in the Seaport district, overlooking the airport.

It was great to spend some time with Mia and Jared and get to know them better!  We are really excited for their wedding next summer!  Congratulations again guys!

Alicia and Manie’s Quaint Wedding at Warren Inn

The day started early for Alicia and Manie’s Quaint Wedding at the Warren Inn in Ashland, MA last weekend.  We really enjoyed our day with both of them & all of their family and guests.  The staff at the Warren is amazing too, Ashley handled everything perfectly!  A side note, during a break after their wedding ceremony, the venue provided this tray of food for the wedding party.  Well, it was just Lana & I there at the time with Alicia and Manie.  They served this unbelievable raspberry brie bread thing that we destroyed!

Everything about their wedding day was high class.  The venue catered to every detail, the couple enjoyed a ride in a BMW Z4 Roadster, but most of all… all of their family and friends were just great.  One of the interesting moments for me was listening to the Best Man and Maid Of Honor’s toasts.  Christian and Cara are the their younger brother and sister.  Both of their toasts touched on the same point; as siblings they just were not very close due to age differences.   However, over time, they have grown closer and have meaningful relationships today.

As photographers, we try to capture the emotions of the day.  During the reception there were plenty.  Alicia’s father gave a very touching speech that really captured the love between this couple.  Their resolve is incredible!  The groom shared a beautiful dance with his mother.  During the dance, the Bride became very emotional and it was a beautiful scene!  (Sorry Alicia, we snapped that picture!)

It was a long day and towards the end of the reception, we asked the Newlyweds if they wanted to capture a Night Shot in the Gazebo.  Given they were tired, I didn’t think they would be interested.  To my surprise, Manie said “Let’s go Now!”  Good choice, we captured the great portrait below!

As photographers, it is so great to spend such an important day with our clients.  Through the day, clients turn into newlyweds, newlyweds turn into friends.  We feel very fortunate getting to know Manie and Alicia.  They make great sole mates.  Congratulations again guys!!!

Haley & Sam’s Engagement Session at Tuck’s Point, Manchester By The Sea

Congratulations to Sam and Haley!

Last weekend we returned to the location where Sam proposed, a beautiful gazebo that stretches out into the cove with amazing scenic views.  I love taking engagement photos for all of our couples, but Tuck’s Point is a location that definitely stands out.  Haley and Sam were also smartly “dressed to the nines” to make for some amazing photos!   We will certainly be highlighting this couple in our future Engagement Guide on how to dress!

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