The Glenn Wedding at Kimball Jenkins Estate

Congratulations to Moira and Chris who tied the knot today.  The weather today was crazy!  A hot summer day in the mid 90s, followed by severe Thunderstorms, which led into a perfect summer night for a reception!  Their reception was held at Kimball Jenkins Estate.  Dawn Beauchesne is the event coordinator there and did a truly amazing job!  The historic buildings are loaded with a great backgrounds for photos; we felt like kids in a candy store!

After the ceremony and thunderstorms rolled through, Marc Nazzaro started the party!  Nazzy brings a ton of energy and this family know how to party also!  Josh the Videographer also did a great job of capturing the day on video.  I’ll be honest, quite often videographers can be hard to work with; they are basically doing the same job!  However, Josh was really easy and fit right into our routine!  Would highly recommend him!

We also met Lily, a sweet little girl who was the life of the party!  Her ability to avoid the camera is renowned but we managed to grab a few great photos of her throughout the party!

Wedding days can get very long for the Bride and Groom, Moira the bride was a trooper and did everything we asked for photos through the night.  Thank you Moira — you persevered through the day through with grace and style!

NH Bride Magazine highlights New England Weddings own Lauren & Scott

Congratulations to Lauren & Scott who recently had their wedding published in NH Bride magazine!  Check out Lauren Conley & Scott Blessington here!

Lauren and Scott are two of the most easy going, fun lovin’ people we have met.  The good news is we get to see them both again later this summer at their sister’s wedding on the Cape!  Let me tell you, anytime we have the chance to shoot a wedding for great people in a great location, we start to look forward to it!

The Reception

Scott and Lauren’s wedding was just so perfect.  Their reception was at the Belknap Mill and we captured some great shots of them in the old historic building.  I also remember a fun shot we took the bridge over the creek.  Their entire bridal party were all standing on the bridge while Lana & I hustled downstream to get the shot.  We were probably 200 feet apart and using hand signals to communicate with the crowd!  Lots of fun!  Their Reception Party was amazing at the Mill, because it is loaded with history.  We captured some great pictures in the museum section with old machinery.

The reception was a blast because our good friend Dave from DJ Entertainment was there to keep the party moving along!  We always stress the importance of having a DJ and Photographer working together.  Dave does a great job of scheduling the evening’s events and keeping all of the informed of the schedule.  Congratulations again to Scott and Lauren!  Now comes the happily ever after part!

Jenkin’s Marriage, Part 2

Our recent post on the Jenkins marriage at Fratello’s included only a few photos.  After Lana rolled up her sleeves and got busy, Thomas and Stephanie ended up with some amazing photographs!

So, before we get started, I just want to say that Thomas is my Hero.  One of the great benefits of having a husband & wife team is we split up and cover the Bride and Groom respectively.  This is great idea, because I had to spend the day with Thomas riding Harley’s, shooting pool at the Billiards Hall, and other very cool things.

We recently delivered the final gallery to them and the pictures are stunning.  We shared a few of the photographs below.  Thomas and Stephanie came over one evening and we had a great night.  Strangely enough, we again split up into Bride and Groom teams and did our own thing!

Today, Lana and I headed over to the Radisson in Nashua to scout out areas to photograph a wedding this weekend.  Well, we know that venue very well, however we wanted to see how the light was at 6:30 pm for our photo shoot.  On the drive home, I received this text message from Thomas…

At a wedding in Beverly Mass right now and we are realizing now how lucky we were to have both of you compared to these guys.

In the middle of our busy day, txt messages like that really make us love our work & clients!  Thank you again Thomas and Stephanie!

A Quaint Wedding at Dexter’s Inn in Sunapee, NH

Mike and Danielle tied the knot at Dexter’s Inn this Saturday!  What an amazing venue for a wedding!

Dexter’s Inn is a special country resort-inn in the lovely and unhurried Lake Sunapee region. A hilltop location, which features panoramic views of Mount Kearsarge, Mount Sunapee and the surrounding countryside will certainly provide a private & peaceful backdrop for any wedding or event!

Mike and Danielle did a “First Look” at the Gazebo / Bandstand area near Sunapee Harbor.  We are big fans of First Looks, how can you not be when they result in a more relaxed wedding with amazing pictures!  Mike and Danielle had a moment to relax during their busy day and enjoy some time together at the Gazebo!

Congratulations Mike and Danielle!  Thank you for selecting us as your photographers!

Jenkin’s Marriage at Fratello’s!

Congratulations to Stephanie and Thomas, the latest happy couple in New Hampshire!  This happy-go-lucky couple knows how to throw a party too!  Their ceremony was held at  the Alvirne Chapel in Hudson.   For those of you not familiar with this venue, its worth a look!  The small historic chapel is the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony and  can seat about 100 people.

After a great ceremony, the party moved to Fratello’s in Manchester.  Fratello’s is located on the river in Manchester in the Mill Yard section.  Loretta DeMarco is the coordinates all of their weddings and does an amazing job!  Your entire evening is safe in her hands!  Guess who was playing the music?  That’s right!  Dave from DJ Entertainment helped keep the party going all night long.

Stephanie did an amazing job planning her wedding.  We love photographing details, and this couple made it easy.  The groomsman received beautiful pocket watches for example!

Samantha & Andrew Tie the Knot!

Sam and Andrew tied the knot today in Chelmsford!  What a great couple along with all their family and friends!  The day started off a bit drizzly, but the rain didn’t get in the way of this group having a fantastic wedding!  The ceremony was held at St Johns Church in Chelmsford. What a beautiful church!  This church is a photographer’s dream with large spacious isles, well lit throughout, and a beautifully conducted ceremony.

From there we took limousine tour of Chelmsford and headed through town to a nice little park.  The park had a gazebo to provide some protection from the rain, but the skies held and we managed to get some amazing shots of the Bride & Groom, and their families as well!

Now its time to get the party started over at the Elk’s Lodge in Chelmsford where are very good friends Dave and David Joyal from DJ Entertainment were already rockin’ the hall as only they can!  We love working with these guys so much and encourage all of our new couples to check them out!  Another great idea at this wedding… Roses for all the moms on Mother’s Day Eve!

We managed to get the newlyweds outside for some night shots as well!  Its worth mentioning that Samantha’s father is a photographer.  This dude is serious too.  Aerial photography solo from a plane.  We chatted about gear for while (all photographers love their stuff).  We tip our hats to Steve for allowing us to photograph his daughters wedding.  Folks, its hard for a photographer to put the camera down and watch!

Here’s to life together filled with joy and happiness Samantha & Andrew!

Rattlesnake Mountain

We love doing Engagement / Save the Date photo sessions with our couples. Its an opportunity to  learn so much about them, what they enjoy doing together and their values and beliefs…

This past Sunday we had a Save the Date session with Lisa and John – on top of the mountain!!!

John and Lisa are both avid hikers.  What a great location for two outdoor people who love rock climbing!  Lana quickly said  ”Wow, that would be an awesome idea to hike one of the local mountains together and take some photos up on the top!”

Well, we did… And that hike took our breath away – literally!   It was no cake walk to hike with a heavy camera equipment. Well, the equipment really isn’t that heavy.  I think we determined that Lisa and John are in amazing physical shape… and I am not!

We decided to hike Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney, NH. The view is breathtaking, the mountains as a backdrop for images look absolutely surreal!!!  The sharp light on top of mountain on a sunny day is challenging for photography.  We tried a few locations and used a small remote flash to fill in some of the shadows.

Lisa and John, thank you for the great day and opportunity to capture your special moment!

An April Blast at the Boston Seaport Hotel Wedding

A Boston Seaport Hotel Wedding is a pretty awesome venue!  Do you know what makes it even better?  A great Bride & Groom and their family!  Sam and Ashlyn’s blast at the Seaport Hotel started with a rainy morning, but the weather cleared a few hours before their ceremony.  It’s worth mentioning that Sam’s father conducted the ceremony in his church in Boston.  Surrounded by all their friends and family, they exchanged their vows in their beautiful church.

The ride back to the Seaport was a top shelf spin in a 1960’s Rolls Royce courtesy of Michael’s Limousine.  Bringing out the Rolls is a special day and Michael was there himself to make sure everything went smoothly.  Mike also hung out for a photo shoot after the ride back to the hotel, and we snapped a few pictures of the newlyweds for their wedding album!

What makes a wedding day so easy?  In addition to an amazing Bride & Groom, having a venue like the Seaport Hotel and Michael’s Limousine really helps.  Ellen at the Seaport is an amazing coordinator (thank you Ellen for supporting all my timeline inquiries 🙂

Please enjoy a few portraits from today…

Let’s Roll!

As we have stated many times before on our blog, the best part of our job is meeting cool people.  Tonight we caught up with Stephanie and Thomas, we’ll be photographing their wedding in May.  We hear it from most of our clients, people say “we are just regular people and we want to have a low-key wedding”.  We sat down with Stephanie and Thomas and came up with some ~really cool~ ideas!  I am so psyched for their wedding day now!  I don’t want to give away any of their details, but I am really excited to take these “shots”!

A note to Stephanie & Thomas — you two are really special folks, far from boring, and we can’t wait to capture your day!  Also, your vehicle sounds amazing!

Spending the extra time with our clients is one of the areas that Lana and I really try to focus on.  It’s extra easy with clients like these two, but we tend to connect well with all of our clients.  We are always so excited when folks select us because we meet new people, are present on the most important day of their life, and help them remember that story forever.

Have your read about the Wedding Photography story that went viral last week?    A couple in England paid a student to photograph their wedding and ending up with 15 pictures.  The Couples Big Day was ruined by a student photographer.  Its really tough selecting all your vendors, especially photography.  Prices range between $500 all the way up to $10,000.  It can be a daunting a decision to select somebody you trust within your price range.  My only advice to shoppers is take the time to meet your photographers and choose somebody who knows the business.  This poor couple brought their photographer to court for a refund for their $700, but that hardly covers the absence of wedding photos.  Spend the time to meet your photographers.  Choose a photographer that spends time with you too!

Our wedding season is about to kick off in full force!  We have weddings in Boston, Gloucester and the Cape this year!  We are so excited to start shooting again and doing what we love!  Let’s Roll!

The Value of Your Photograph…

Have you ever stopped to think about pictures?  How many pictures have been taken in the history of mankind?  The camera showed up in the early 1800s.  In that entire century, there were a few million photographs taken.  In the early 1900s, a familiar company named Kodak introduced the first widely available camera.  The camera cost $1 ($25 in today’s value).  Not a bad deal!  These new film cameras produced about 1 billion photos a year.

The world’s love of pictures continued to grow over through the 1900s at a crazy rate.

  • 3 Billion in 1960
  • 10 Billion in 1970
  • 25 Billion in 1980
  • 57 Billion in 1990
  • 86 Billion in 2000

Today, people take about 400 Billion pictures annually!  So how many photographs have been taken by humans in total?  Get ready for this… about 4 trillion!

That’s 4,000,000,000,000,000

Every two minutes today, humans take more pictures than existed in the entire 1800s.  What about printed pictures?  Only about 1 out of every 100,000 photographs taken today is printed.  But fear not, people are actually printing more of their pictures today than 10 years ago!  Between online print services and photographers, the number of prints made almost doubled in the last ten years!

People still love to experience photographs in print.  Nothing beats flipping through a leather wedding album, a beautiful wall canvas, or nicely arranged series of framed pictures hanging on your wall.

Last year Lana and I took about 24,000 photographs.  About 800 of these were taken at a beautiful wedding at the Double Tree Ball Room in Danvers, Massachusetts to celebrate Lory & John’s special day.  We included 125 of these photographs in their album.  This beautiful album had 30 amazing pages that covered their day.

Lory and John came over this week to pick up their album and have some dinner.  We love showing couples their album for the first time, it brings on a rush of emotions as the couple relives their wedding day.  All of the small details, special moments & time spent with friends and family is remembered forever.  Their wedding album captures their one special day.

To Lory and John, their wedding album is One in a Million!  Thanks Lory & John, we loved capturing your special day and gaining two great friends!

Do you keep something of a sentimental value?

Being in the Wedding Business for a few years now and having taken over 70,000 wedding images, I always come back to something that is so sentimental to me – our first wedding!

It was something new and exciting. Something I never thought we would venture into from studio photography! I remember spending multiple hours prepping for that “Big Day”. I wanted to feel confident we could handle it, that we are capable of producing quality work our clients are expecting!

I remember waking up in cold sweat before the wedding day worrying about our equipment malfunctioning, forgetting the memory cards, batteries ,etc… Paying attention to shadows on faces when using natural light… Making sure we capture all of those precious moments… I kept thinking “Our clients trust us! They are confident we can capture their once in a life time memory! We have to do it right!”

As all professional photographers know, weddings don’t always go smoothly. But we were lucky! It was a perfect day with a beautiful couple, an exquisite ceremony and a warm reception. No hiccups, no equipment malfunctions… We were hooked! That was a huge millstone towards becoming exclusively focused on wedding photography.

Oh… My… God!

As the years went by, we captured some great photographs for all our brides.  But this image is sentimental.  This image is from “our” first wedding.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

Wedding Photography Expo in Las Vegas

Lana and I attended the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference in Las Vegas this week.  We absolutely love this show and plan on becoming more involved the next year!

We started the event with some educational seminars from our favorite photographers.  One of the really cool traits of the photography community is the general philosophy to share knowledge.  Our two favorites are Jerry Ghionis and Roberto Valenzuela.  Jerry gave a very inspirational presentation on setting the bar higher for wedding photographers, while Roberto is a master of lighting and shared some great tips.  Light has amazing characteristics on how it travels & bounces, which makes the difference between professional and profound photographs.

Another great aspect of the expo is meeting vendors.  We had a chance to catch up with our partners at the expo!  Arnaud Collin joined Zenfolio, our online gallery service, as the General Manager last year and introduced some wonderful new features.  Their gallery service is awesome & we provide it to all of our clients.  Zenfolio keeps ~your~ pictures safe for years to come folks!

Our album vendors were there as well.  We recently switched to Zookbinders for albums, their quality is really hard to beat.  All of our brides have been very happy with their product.  The founder and CEO is Mark Zucker, who gave us some insight into some new albums they have planned for 2016.

We also use Graphi Albums, which as amazing high-end albums made in Italy.  This community is just so close it was awesome to see all of partners in person and learn about all the amazing products they have coming out for this year!

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