An April Blast at the Boston Seaport Hotel Wedding

A Boston Seaport Hotel Wedding is a pretty awesome venue!  Do you know what makes it even better?  A great Bride & Groom and their family!  Sam and Ashlyn’s blast at the Seaport Hotel started with a rainy morning, but the weather cleared a few hours before their ceremony.  It’s worth mentioning that Sam’s father conducted the ceremony in his church in Boston.  Surrounded by all their friends and family, they exchanged their vows in their beautiful church.

The ride back to the Seaport was a top shelf spin in a 1960’s Rolls Royce courtesy of Michael’s Limousine.  Bringing out the Rolls is a special day and Michael was there himself to make sure everything went smoothly.  Mike also hung out for a photo shoot after the ride back to the hotel, and we snapped a few pictures of the newlyweds for their wedding album!

What makes a wedding day so easy?  In addition to an amazing Bride & Groom, having a venue like the Seaport Hotel and Michael’s Limousine really helps.  Ellen at the Seaport is an amazing coordinator (thank you Ellen for supporting all my timeline inquiries 🙂

Please enjoy a few portraits from today…

Let’s Roll!

As we have stated many times before on our blog, the best part of our job is meeting cool people.  Tonight we caught up with Stephanie and Thomas, we’ll be photographing their wedding in May.  We hear it from most of our clients, people say “we are just regular people and we want to have a low-key wedding”.  We sat down with Stephanie and Thomas and came up with some ~really cool~ ideas!  I am so psyched for their wedding day now!  I don’t want to give away any of their details, but I am really excited to take these “shots”!

A note to Stephanie & Thomas — you two are really special folks, far from boring, and we can’t wait to capture your day!  Also, your vehicle sounds amazing!

Spending the extra time with our clients is one of the areas that Lana and I really try to focus on.  It’s extra easy with clients like these two, but we tend to connect well with all of our clients.  We are always so excited when folks select us because we meet new people, are present on the most important day of their life, and help them remember that story forever.

Have your read about the Wedding Photography story that went viral last week?    A couple in England paid a student to photograph their wedding and ending up with 15 pictures.  The Couples Big Day was ruined by a student photographer.  Its really tough selecting all your vendors, especially photography.  Prices range between $500 all the way up to $10,000.  It can be a daunting a decision to select somebody you trust within your price range.  My only advice to shoppers is take the time to meet your photographers and choose somebody who knows the business.  This poor couple brought their photographer to court for a refund for their $700, but that hardly covers the absence of wedding photos.  Spend the time to meet your photographers.  Choose a photographer that spends time with you too!

Our wedding season is about to kick off in full force!  We have weddings in Boston, Gloucester and the Cape this year!  We are so excited to start shooting again and doing what we love!  Let’s Roll!

The Value of Your Photograph…

Have you ever stopped to think about pictures?  How many pictures have been taken in the history of mankind?  The camera showed up in the early 1800s.  In that entire century, there were a few million photographs taken.  In the early 1900s, a familiar company named Kodak introduced the first widely available camera.  The camera cost $1 ($25 in today’s value).  Not a bad deal!  These new film cameras produced about 1 billion photos a year.

The world’s love of pictures continued to grow over through the 1900s at a crazy rate.

  • 3 Billion in 1960
  • 10 Billion in 1970
  • 25 Billion in 1980
  • 57 Billion in 1990
  • 86 Billion in 2000

Today, people take about 400 Billion pictures annually!  So how many photographs have been taken by humans in total?  Get ready for this… about 4 trillion!

That’s 4,000,000,000,000,000

Every two minutes today, humans take more pictures than existed in the entire 1800s.  What about printed pictures?  Only about 1 out of every 100,000 photographs taken today is printed.  But fear not, people are actually printing more of their pictures today than 10 years ago!  Between online print services and photographers, the number of prints made almost doubled in the last ten years!

People still love to experience photographs in print.  Nothing beats flipping through a leather wedding album, a beautiful wall canvas, or nicely arranged series of framed pictures hanging on your wall.

Last year Lana and I took about 24,000 photographs.  About 800 of these were taken at a beautiful wedding at the Double Tree Ball Room in Danvers, Massachusetts to celebrate Lory & John’s special day.  We included 125 of these photographs in their album.  This beautiful album had 30 amazing pages that covered their day.

Lory and John came over this week to pick up their album and have some dinner.  We love showing couples their album for the first time, it brings on a rush of emotions as the couple relives their wedding day.  All of the small details, special moments & time spent with friends and family is remembered forever.  Their wedding album captures their one special day.

To Lory and John, their wedding album is One in a Million!  Thanks Lory & John, we loved capturing your special day and gaining two great friends!

Do you keep something of a sentimental value?

Being in the Wedding Business for a few years now and having taken over 70,000 wedding images, I always come back to something that is so sentimental to me – our first wedding!

It was something new and exciting. Something I never thought we would venture into from studio photography! I remember spending multiple hours prepping for that “Big Day”. I wanted to feel confident we could handle it, that we are capable of producing quality work our clients are expecting!

I remember waking up in cold sweat before the wedding day worrying about our equipment malfunctioning, forgetting the memory cards, batteries ,etc… Paying attention to shadows on faces when using natural light… Making sure we capture all of those precious moments… I kept thinking “Our clients trust us! They are confident we can capture their once in a life time memory! We have to do it right!”

As all professional photographers know, weddings don’t always go smoothly. But we were lucky! It was a perfect day with a beautiful couple, an exquisite ceremony and a warm reception. No hiccups, no equipment malfunctions… We were hooked! That was a huge millstone towards becoming exclusively focused on wedding photography.

Oh… My… God!

As the years went by, we captured some great photographs for all our brides.  But this image is sentimental.  This image is from “our” first wedding.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

Wedding Photography Expo in Las Vegas

Lana and I attended the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference in Las Vegas this week.  We absolutely love this show and plan on becoming more involved the next year!

We started the event with some educational seminars from our favorite photographers.  One of the really cool traits of the photography community is the general philosophy to share knowledge.  Our two favorites are Jerry Ghionis and Roberto Valenzuela.  Jerry gave a very inspirational presentation on setting the bar higher for wedding photographers, while Roberto is a master of lighting and shared some great tips.  Light has amazing characteristics on how it travels & bounces, which makes the difference between professional and profound photographs.

Another great aspect of the expo is meeting vendors.  We had a chance to catch up with our partners at the expo!  Arnaud Collin joined Zenfolio, our online gallery service, as the General Manager last year and introduced some wonderful new features.  Their gallery service is awesome & we provide it to all of our clients.  Zenfolio keeps ~your~ pictures safe for years to come folks!

Our album vendors were there as well.  We recently switched to Zookbinders for albums, their quality is really hard to beat.  All of our brides have been very happy with their product.  The founder and CEO is Mark Zucker, who gave us some insight into some new albums they have planned for 2016.

We also use Graphi Albums, which as amazing high-end albums made in Italy.  This community is just so close it was awesome to see all of partners in person and learn about all the amazing products they have coming out for this year!

Radisson Tasting Event

We spent the afternoon yesterday at Radisson’s Annual Tasting event hosted by Nikki Whitlow.  It’s a great opportunity for all of their 2016 Brides & Grooms to experience the reception first hand.  The Radisson chef served all his specialities… everybody’s appetite was satisfied by the end of this event!  Joey and his beautiful wife Kristin from Main Event Entertainment provided all of the music and helped us capture a great group photo too!

A Winter Vacation, Caribbean Style…

Lana and I are taking some rest & relaxation in Aruba this week.  We have a wedding down here, but the majority of the time will be spent on the beach!  Lana’s camera is never too far away, and we captured some great sunset photos this evening.  We also met a couple from the Boston area who are planning their daughter’s wedding in Gibbet Hill… small world!

During one of our beach walks, we ran into Marc Mangia “The Aruba Sandman” building one of his awesome castles!  We captured some great shots of Marc’s work.  What a super friendly guy too!  It’s amazing to watch Marc work on his creations.  Every single detail is just perfect!

Tomorrow we are spending the day driving around the island to explore new areas.   Aruba… what a great little island!  I would strongly recommend this location to for a get-away wedding or just for some beach time.  Put it on your bucket list!  We’ll post some additional photos from the wedding soon!

You can contact Marc at for more info on his amazing work too!

The Wedding Album, Making a Family Heirloom

I remember as a child flipping the pages of my parents wedding album.  It was fascinating to see them so young, standing there with all my family members who also looked oddly different!  To this day, I remember all of the pages in that album.  My favorite photo was of my dad “dipping” my mom and giving her a kiss.  My parents were not rich people, but every married couple had a wedding album.  Every time I saw my parents kiss, it reminded me of that photo!

Some would argue that photography was different back then.  Photographers sold wedding packages.  Couples would buy an album, order prints for the friends and family, while the negatives would sit in a cardboard box somewhere in the photographer’s basement until they were no longer useful.  Today, clients want the digital files.  Who wouldn’t?!?  Digital files are great to have and last forever.  Why get an expensive album when you have all the digital files?

I would argue that couples today get less value compared to my parents.  Here’s how the story goes… Couples get the digital images and print a few, maybe 5 or 10, and hang them on the walls.  Time passes, and you re-decorate and a few frames come down.  Photos of your children replace your wedding portraits.  You move to a new house and the photos disappear into storage.  That USB stick with your beloved wedding photos becomes that cardboard box.

A Wedding Album becomes a family heirloom for your children and generations to come.  Couples spend so much money on a marriage.  If you’re reading this, you probably agree!  A wedding album is a durable good, it is the only investment that lasts through the years. In fact, it becomes more valuable as time passes.  It’s also the #1 biggest regret when its overlooked.

Wedding albums are very expensive; because they are worth every penny!  Wedding Albums are a Storybook of Your Day!  Some brides choice the DIY path, but don’t understand the challenges.  Handmade albums, created by designers & photographers, on heavy archival paper that lasts a hundred years, is not something that’s easily assembled without experience.  When planning your wedding, do yourself a favor and consider skipping that Ice Sculpture or the Rolls Royce for an Album.

Photographs are meant to be experienced.  A wedding album captures that experience, your story, for generations to come.

“95% of couples that don’t get a Wedding Album within three months of their Wedding, never will.”
“The top five items men look for in their homes are clean socks, remote control, wedding album, car keys and driver’s license.” —IKEA

Our Old Truck Project

I am a tinkerer.  I always have been.  I love working with my hands and have always loved antique cars.  My love for cars was founded in necessity.  My first car was old 1972 Pontiac that didn’t like to stay running.  I did all the work on the car myself, because I was po’.  If I didn’t fix it, it just didn’t run.

As grew older, I started working on cars for a hobby.  I learned how to do bodywork and paint a car.  I restored a few old cars along the way.  Mainly old Corvettes.  My Uncle Tom, referred to as Big T since he was almost 7 ft tall, also love antique cars.  In 2004, he gave me his old truck.  A 1954 Ford.  It was a basket case.  It hadn’t run in 30 years and was no where close to trying.  I decided to make that my next project car, with the intent of giving it back to him completed one day, in perfect condition.  All of my Uncle’s have been like fathers to me, I wish I could give them everything they deserve.

Life is filled with twists & turns and I ended up separating from wife at the time.  The truck took a back burner.  A few years later everything calmed down and I met my beautiful wife Lana.  From running our photography business, to relaxing… we do absolutely everything together!  Every day I consider myself blessed for finding a person like her to share my life with in every aspect!

I’ll be honest, our lives our busy!  We are constantly working or spending time with all of our children.  Sometimes I wonder how we do it!  My boys in the picture are now teenagers in high school!  This old truck has been sitting in our garage for years now, maybe its time to sell this to somebody more interested in fixing it up.  Lana would not hear of it!  In fact, she became very motivated to finish this truck!

After some conversations about it, we decided to restore the truck and use it as part of our business!  So don’t be surprised if one day we cruise up to your wedding in an antique Ford Truck!  This will be a long project for sure.  We are off to a good start though.  One of our grooms this summer is a mechanic and installed a new front suspension!  Thank you Josh!  He is the owner of Windham Marine & Powersports.  One step done!  Thank you Lana for always being there.  Today you held on to my dream for me!


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The Victoria Inn

One of the most memorable venues of this past season is the Victoria Inn located in Hampton, New Hampshire.  This little Inn is such a gem!  Their grounds are immaculate and offer plenty of backdrops for amazing photographs.

The Victoria Inn has everything you can imagine for your gorgeous Wedding Portraits – A Lovely Gazebo and a pretty pavilion with chandeliers are just a few examples! A Wedding Photographer’s delight!

A Rockin’ New Years Eve Wedding

Sally & Dustin rang in 2016 with a New Years Eve Wedding Party at the Common Man in Plymouth New Hampshire.  This wedding certainly had a “party” feel to it!  All of the guests were excited and engaged, children in bowties, with all of their family present!

This was our first shoot at the Common Man in Plymouth, and we were very impressed with their venue!  The rooms are well decorated and spacious.  Just the right amount of holiday decoration made for some really nice portrait backdrops!  

Sally & Dustin, it was our pleasure to work with you!  You made our New Years Eve a blast!

Corey & Alison’s Engagement

Congratulations to Corey and Alison on their engagement! Lana & I had a great outing to capture some “Save The Date” portraits for them a few weeks ago. Alison and Corey met at Northeastern University in Boston, Ma. Alison had her heart set on Engagement photos at the university, so we headed into Boston for an afternoon shoot.

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